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Projected 2008 Standings

Does all this player analysis for fantasy baseball lead to better projections of real life team performances? I do not know, but I am willing to put my guesses to paper and allow that judgment to be made.

I have included a comment next to each team to explain why I believe each team will finish where. Most are really based on non-fantasy considerations. I think.

Let the games begin!

Boston Red Sox Better defense wins out
New York Yankees Poor defense leads to a second-place finish
Toronto Blue Jays All Pitching/Good defense can't go any further
Tampa Bay Rays They'll be better. Elliot Johnson making the team negates the Longoria fumbling
Baltimore Orioles Worse than the Giants?
Cleveland Indians Thank God for the Tigers bullpen
Detroit Tigers Blake Street Bombers 2008 Edition
Kansas City Royals Hillman will synergize with the Gordon and Butler breakouts
Minnesota Twins A good hitting core with a deeper staff has them in 4th.
Chicago White Sox A scary back-end rotation with it's best power hitter leading off.
Seattle Mariners If a couple arms step-up in the bullpen, this won't be close
Los Angeles Angels Not enough starters and the offense is still weak on power
Texas Rangers An exciting club in 2008. Would kill for the White Sox rotation.
Oakland A's Fire sales and Play-off contention in the same year? I'll bet against that
New York Mets #s 1-4 in the starting rotation too good
Philadelphia Phillies Not enough starting pitching
Atlanta Braves Despite the black hole in CF, the offense is very good.
Washington Nationals No pitching even if Lastings Milledge makes the Mets rue dumping him
Florida Marlins Thank God for the Giants and Orioles
Chicago Cubs Too much bullpen strength
Milwaukee Brewers Not enough bullpen strength
Cincinnati Reds Have you seen the three teams below them?
Houston Astros Too much offense to finish behind the Cards and Pirates
St Louis Cardinals Still better than the Pirates
Pittsburgh Pirates Thank God for the Giants, Orioles and Marlins
Arizona Diamondbacks Offense improvement over last season will make this less of a race then others think
Colorado Rockies Too much offense and defense
Los Angeles Dodgers The rotation is not great and Juan Pierre will play
San Diego Padres Not enough offense
San Francisco Giants Thank God for Cain and Lincecum