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Fake Teams' Expert Community Question & Answer

With one of my big fantasy drafts tomorrow, I am going to be a little more preoccupied today than usual so I won't be able to string together several hundred words into what I think is a coherent thought.  (Nevermind the trip to the batting cages to prepare my son for Little league and me for softball.)  As a result, this is the perfect time for me to introduce a new regular feature for Fake Teams - the Expert Community Question & Answer.

That is right "expert community" because there is lot more than me on this site who can provide expert-level advise that draws from a diveristy of fantasy sports experience.  Each week I will announce the "new" Expert Community Question & Answer (ECQA - pronounced eck-qua?) and post it to the main page and Diary section.  This will allow the ECQA to remain  easier to find as it will remain on the main page of FT in the Diary section after falling off the center section after 12 additional posts.

I'll start off by asking a question about draft strategy.  Is it better the make a run on scarce positions in an auction draft at the cost of slightly overpaying to do so or should you take value wherever it arises during the draft?