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FFL Mock Draft 2008 - Frank Gore, Stephen Jackson, Brian Westbrook

Continuing my review of's Fantasy Football Mock Draft...

#4 Frank Gore, RB, SF - Let me make this simple: No.  No, no, no.  The Niners signed RB DeShaun Foster to take the ball away from Gore.  A Gore-Foster committee should be a big improvement for the team, but a huge fantasy step back for Gore.  

#5 Stephen Jackson, RB, StL - I know people are looking at how an injured Jackson rolled up 1000 yards in only 12 games and think that a fully healthy Jackson would be a star.  What is missing from that view is that the Rams' offensive line absolutely stunk last season.  The free agent signing of G Jacob Bell will help, but the loss of WR Isaac Bruce won't.  I'm not sold on drafting Jackson this high.

#6 Brian Westbrook, RB, Phi - He's still a weekly injury risk, but the Eagles have learned how to use him (in games and in practice) to minimize the damage.  I would rank him ahead of Gore right now and possibly ahead of Jackson, Peterson or both.  In leagues that award points for receptions by running backs, he's a top three pick.