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More Fantasy Draft Implications From The Red Sox & A's Series

In the second game of the 2008 season, a few players have increased their draft price.  The biggest beneficiary of the two-game sample is Oakland A's starting pitcher Rich Harden.  He threw six, one-run innings and struck out nine Red Sox batters in earning the Win.  I have little doubt his last two-and-a-half seasons of injuries will be forgotten as AL-Only leagues bid him toward the high teens.  Mixed leaguers have been drafting him (ADP=190 with 100% drafted per Mock Draft Central).  I can see that increased by a 30 or 40 spots to the same area Tim Hudson is being slected (ADP 154).

The Red Sox Manny Ramirez will also benefit as his HR and 5 RBIs will effectively put to rest any concerns about Manny not being Manny in 2007 (20 HR & 88 RBI).  In AL-Only leagues, he will go back to being a $30+ draftee, and,in mixed leagues, he will likely move upwards by 33% or so from an ADP of 34 to one near Carlos Lee (ADP=24).

A couple of more minor effects will be seen in OF Emil Brown and C Kurt Suzuki.  Despite' Brown's base-running blunder in the first game, he hit a decisive three-run HR in the second one.  This will have the effect of getting him drafted at the end of AL-Only leagues.  There'll be no effect for mixed leagues.

Suzki went 3-8 in the series and stole a base.  This little bit will work the same way Mark Ellis' HR yesterday did.  Suzuki will be taken first in the pack of similarly-skilled catchers.  Instead of being slected 25 picks after Yadier Molina (ADP 275), Suzuki will go before him.  I can see Kurt being taken in the 260 area where Carlos Ruiz and Ronny Paulino are being grabbed in mixed leagues with an outside chance of going before Paul LoDuca (ADP 239).