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Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

Here is another list of potential sleepers - players who can out-perform their current expected values.  

  1.  SP Chien-Ming Wang New York Yankees:  Consecutive 19 W seasons have never been so devalued.  Add in the possibility of another uptick in Ks thanks to a lost arbitration case, and you have a mixed-league sleeper.
  2.  RP Justin Speier LA Angels:  With Scot Shields set to begin on the DL with forearm issues, Speier is the next in line for Saves if K-Rod's arm falls off.
  3.  RP C.J. Wilson Texas Rangers:  He is one of the last closers off the board.  Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus told Jeff Erickson that the Rangers want Wilson closing, and there was nothing unusual about Wilson's early Spring soreness.
  4.  C Jesus Flores Washington Nationals:  In two-catcher NL-Only keeper leagues, Flores' 2009 value may exceed his 2008 one.  Remember, both Johnny Estrada and Paul LoDuca are on one-year deals.
  5.  SS Brian Bixler Pittsburgh Pirates:  If Freddie Sanchez is out for an extended period of time, will the Pirates really play Luis Rivas every day?  I'd hope not.  Watch where the Pirates play Bixler in AAA.  If he gets time at 2B, then expect to see him recalled at the first major bad news relating to Freddie Sanchez.
  6.  2B Jayson Nix Colorado Rockies:  There is no longer any competition for the job.  Jeff Baker has proven he cannot hit on a consistent basis for his bat to out-weight any defensive issues he may have at 2B.