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NFL News - Cedric Wilson, DeAngelo Hall

I'm back from my trip to Tampa, where I hung out with some of my old friends and went to see the Pirates vs Reds (Tom Gorzelanny did not look good).  We also saw the Tigers vs Phillies for four innings before the rainout, but it was enough time to see Curtis Granderson break his finger.  By the way, the Phils new park is really amazing.  Wow.

Anyway, back to the NFL.  Two notable moves over the long Easter weekend, though both have limited fantasy value.

The Falcons traded disgruntled CB DeAngelo Hall to the Raiders for a 2008 2nd round pick and a 2009 5th round pick.  The Falcons now have four of the first 48 picks in this year's draft, which could have all kinds of fun fantasy potential.

The other item is that the Steelers cut WR Cedric Wilson after police reported that he walked into a suburban Pittsburgh restaurant, saw his ex-girlfriend sitting at the bar, went over to her and then punched her in the face.  

After the Steelers cut Wilson, the girlfriend claimed that Wilson didn't punch her after all, he just "pushed me in the side of the head" which doesn't sound very good either.  Wilson will probably turn up on somebody's roster, probably the Raiders.