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Tout Wars Results - American League

Just as raygu looked at the results of NL Tout Wars to gauge how close his expected auction values are to those of the industry experts, I did the same for the AL Tout Wars.  The first thing I noticed was the dollar splits between hitting and pitching.

69% of the draft dollars went for hitting.  This seems low but maybe that is just in the 99 cents seems much lower than $1.00 sense.  I expected more of a 75/25 split given the ubiquity of the advice to not spend on pitching.  Could experts give the advice but not follow it like most people do with their politicians - they're all crooked except the ones I vote for?

Next I wanted to see what the injured trifecta of John Lackey, Scott Kazmir and Josh Beckett went for.  The salaries were $12, $19 and $26.  Interpretation?  There are no worries about Beckett with a few about Kazmir (he went for $26 in LABR) and signinifcant ones about Lackey.

Here are some other notables with comments.

  1. Joba Chamberlain $13 - I only wonder what he would have fetched in the rotation.
  2. Rich Harden $10 - someone wants to believe.
  3. Curtis Granderson $28 - Jeff Erickson must be thinking, "WTF!  1st Lackey in LABR and now Granderson gets hurt right after the draft?"
  4. Joe Mauer $18 - This even seems high given last year's numbers.
  5. Ivan Rodriguez $11 - Should he be $7 less than Mauer?
  6. Alex Rodriguez $45 and Carl Crawford $40 - the only two to breach the $40 barrier.  Obviously, no one is concerned about Crawfords' drop in HR and SB last season.
  7. Joey Gathwright $10 - Ron Shandler also took Royals starting CF Dave DeJesus for $16.