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Fantasy Baseball Sleepers/Breakout Players

We are in the final stretch heading into the regular season and the last of the 2008 fantasy baseball drafts.  In keeping with that momentum, I'll be providing sleepers/breakout players everyday through Friday.  Just like last week, these will be provided around noon EST.

  1. 3B Scott Rolen Toronto Blue Jays:  Coming off an injury-plagued season, his value was down anyhow.  With the finger issue, he could fall into the single-digits in AL-Only leagues.
  2. CF Carlos Gomez Minnesota Twins:  He has won the CF job.  With his competitors, Denard Span and Jason Pridie, sent to AAA, there is no one to take ABs.  He could steal 50 if his hits just enough to keep the job all season.
  3. SP John Danks Chicago White Sox;  Heard this one on Baseball HQ's free podcast.
  4. LF Matt Diaz Atlanta Braves:  Without Brandon Jones on the roster, Diaz should get full-time ABs.  With AVGs in excess of .320 the past two seasons, he could be a big-time sleeper with full-time ABs.
  5. RP Oscar Villareal Houston Astros:  Someone has to close games in Houston if Jose Valverde blows-up
  6. INF Chin-Lung Hu Los Angeles Dodgers:  With rumblings that Marcus Giles may fill 2B to open the year with Jeff Kent on the DL, Hu may not make the cut.  If he does, then he is a great $1 end-of-draft bid as he should takeover SS in 2009 when Raphael Furcal wwalks as a free agent this winter.