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Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

Today's list of sleepers has more of a washed-up/written-off flavor.  These players should get you thinking of other ones in similar circumstances.

  1. OF Luke Scott Baltimore Orioles:  Left-handed power on a bad team?  I'll take that for a potential 20+ HRs.
  2. INF Nick Punto Minnesota Twins:  What?!?!?!  Yes, Nick Punto.  He is a manager favorite, and could bounce back with more judicious usage.  Think better AVG (can't get worse) and double digit steals.
  3. RP Sean Green Seattle Mariners:  Who doesn't need an end-of-draft $1 filler who can be jettisoned at the first opportunity for free agent saves?
  4. OF Angel Pagan New York Mets:  A switch-hitter who has impressed this Spring and gets to grab righty ABs in a platoon and back-up Moises Alou can easily see 300 plae appearances.
  5. IF Mark Loretta Houston Astros:  A forgotten man after losing in arbitration, but NL-only leagues needs to keep him in mind.  He has multiple position eligibility and can still help in AVG.
  6. 2B Emilio Bonifacio Arizona Diamondbacks:  He was sent down but is ready to take 2B ABs if something happened to Orlando Hudson.  With 41 SBs in AAA last season, Eugenio Velez won't be the only spare infielder in the NL West to have the spped to steal 20+ in part-time duty.  Don't forget about Emilio.