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NFL Update - NFC West

Arizona - Time for a good spring cleaning.  The Cardinals had a whopping 20 players go to free agency with the biggest names being WR Bryant Johnson and QB Tim Rattay.  They haven't signed any major free agents, though they did sign WR Larry Fitzgerald to a contract extension.

San Francisco - The Niners needed to get rid of the bums they called wide receivers last year and that's what they've done, letting WRs Darrell Jackson, Michael Lewis, and Bryan Gilmore take a walk.  To replace them, they've signed free agent WR Isaac Bruce and WR Bryant Johnson. While not an all-star cast, that's a huge upgrade from what they had. QB Trent Dilfer and QB Chris Weinke were let go; that's another improvement. And finally, they signed RB DeShaun Foster which means there's likely to be a Gore-Foster committee in San Francisco this season.  Say goodbye to seeing 1600 rushing yards from Frank Gore.

Seattle - Scrub running backs Josh Scobey and Alvin Pearman were let go, but that was only so they could sign free agent running backs Julius Jones and TJ Duckett.  Add current Seahawk RB Maurice Morris into the mix, and there are now four possible starting RBs in Seattle.  This looks like the end of the Shaun Alexander era.

St. Louis - Some longtime Rams left the team this off-season, with K Jeff Wilkins retiring and WR Isaac Bruce being cut. Those two players had a total of 25 seasons with the Rams between them.  In fact, Bruce played 12 games with the Los Angeles Rams.  The only additions to the team have been K Josh Brown and QB Trent "Crash Helmet" Green.   There have been a lot of intra-division player moves this offseason, which should be interesting come September.