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Spring Training Boxscores: Fantasy Notes

The Orioles used recently annointed closer, George Sherrill, in the 9th inning of today's Grapefruit League game.  Expect to see other teams to begin using their relievers in their expected roles.

Rich Harden threw six good innings against the Angels today.  In six frames, he allowed just two runs on 8 hits with 4 Ks and a walk. If reports from this morning's San Francisco Chronicle are correct, then A's GM Billy Beane knows this situation screams, "SELL HIGH!".  NOTE:  It was reported he wants three top pitching prospects from the Yankees for Harden - Ian Kennedy, Alan Horne and Jeff Marquez.

Rumors are circulating that the White Sox have waived Juan Uribe.  He wasn't in today's line-up at 2B.  Pablo ozuna was.  If the rumors turnout to be well-founded, then one must conclude Ozuna will be the leader at 2B with Cuban refugee, Alexei Ramirez, right behind him.   It can't be Danny Richar because manager Ozzie Guillen recently gave him little chance to win the 2B job.  I guess Ozzie could have put his head too close to a microwave and had a change of mind.

Carlos Marmol pitched the final 1.2 innings in today's loss to the A's split-squad club.  It was a save situation when he came in in the 8th.  Does this negatively impact him with manager Lou Piniella so close to naming the team's closer?

Jeff Baker started at 2B opposite SS Troy Tulowitzki.  In addition to going 2-4, Baker helped turn two double plays with TT.  I have to think that was more important than his day at the plate.