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Out Of Options Players

Jim Molony at ran down a list of players who are out of options this Spring.  This means they must either make the Opening Day roster or be placed on waivers.  Since teasm don't want to give away 4A talent, many of these players will find themselves traded before Opening Day.

Given the right opportunity, any of them can be great end-of-draft sleepers in AL- or NL-only leagues.  Here are the ones mentioned.  Many will make their current team's roster.  Amongst the ones I like are Clint Barmes if he ends-up in Baltimore, and the Texas boys, Jason Botts and Nelson Cruz.  Both can hit enough to have some value.

  1. Andy Marte, Cleveland Indians
  2. Mike Morse, Seattle Mariners
  3. Hong-Chih Kuo, LA Dodgers
  4. Delwyn Young, LA Dodgers
  5. Scott Thorman, Atlanta Braves
  6. Jimmy Gobble, KC Royals
  7. Garrett Jones, Minnesota Twins
  8. Jeff Keppinger, Cincinnati Reds
  9. Dan Johnson, Oakland A's
  10. Brandon Medders, Arizona D'backs
  11. Dustin Nippert, Arizona D'backs
  12. Fred Lewis, SF Giants
  13. Rajai Davis, SF Giants
  14. Dan Ortmeier, SF Giants
  15. Clint Barmes, Colorado Rockies
  16. Nick Masset, CHi White Sox
  17. Jason Botts, Texas Rangers
  18. Nelson Cruz, Texas Cruz