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Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

Is it time for me to empty my notepad of every possible fantasy baseball sleeper I can think of, or have thought of, over the past six months?  Not quite, but, with drafts picking-up this weekend and next, I can't hold them back for too much longer.

Here are a few of the players I am considering for various levels of sleeper status.

  1.  Jeremy Accardo, RP Toronto Blue Jays:  I am not sold on BJ Ryan returning especially since he reported some unusual discomfort following his Tuesday appearance.  The prognosis for ulnar collateral replacement surgery is good, but who is to say Ryan isn't the next Jeff Zimmerman?
  2.  Mark Teahen, OF Kansas City Royals:  His power disappeared last season following September 2006 shoulder surgery on his lead hitting arm.  I expect to see a return of that power this season.  As long as one isn't paying for the 2006 power, then I would be happy to see the .285 AVG and 13 SBs again as a consolation prize.
  3.  Milton Bradley, OF/DH Texas Rangers:  He was crushing the ball in San Diego before tearing his ACL in an umpire-instigated confrontation.  His loooong history of injuries have kept his relatively excellent production obscured.
  4.  Joel Hanrahan, SP Washington Nationals:  The former Dodgers' prospect disappeared for a few years, but came back strong last year with the Nationals.  If he can control his BBs or gets moved to the bullpen as a power arm, expect a very nice season.
  5.  Jeff Keppinger, SS Cincinnati Reds:  All he does is hit.  Too bad the Mets didn't keep this throw-in to their first Kris Benson trade.  Maybe they wouldn't have wasted $25MM on Luis Castillo.
  6. Dan Ortmeier, 1B/OF San Francisco Giants:  1B who steal double-digit bases are always in my sight.  Whether that turns out to be a blindspot or not is yet to be determined