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NFL Update - NFC North

Chicago - The Bears have made a lot of moves so far, though most of them don't make much sense to me.  While they smartly resigned LB Lance Briggs, they also resigned underachieving TE Desmond Clark and QB Rex Grossman.  Their WR corps undergoes an overhaul, with Muhsin Muhammad cut and Bernard Berrian leaving for Minnesota.  Their replacements are WRs Marty Booker and the overrated Brandon Lloyd.

Detroit - I wish I could figure this organization out.  At the start of the free agent period RB Aveion Cason and RB Tatum Bell both leave as free agents.  Great, that means that Kevin Jones (14 rush TDs over the past two seasons) is now the lead running back in Motown.  Five days later they resign Cason.  Um, ok.  Five days after that they resign Bell.  Huh?  Three days later they cut Jones, reportedly because they're worried about an ACL injury.   I can understand being worried about the injury, but then why resign Cason and Bell?  There's nobody out there better than Aveion Cason and Tatum Bell?  Were you worried somebody else would sign Aveion Cason?! And if you're going to cut Jones, why cut him before the draft?  If you're the Lions, you've just told the entire league that you desperately need a RB in the draft.  Why show your hand like that?  Maybe there's a salary-cap timing issue here I don't see, but this entire sequence of events just screams out "We don't know WTF is going on around here!"

Green Bay - Sure, QB Brett Favre retired but did you know backup QB Craig Nall left as a free agent?  No?  Fantasy owners should focus more on Nall, because the Packers really need to get somebody in to back up Aaron Rodgers.   Pronto!  The Pack also cut TE Bubba Franks, a move that was several years overdue.

Minnesota - A lot of things going on here as well, but most of it won't matter to fantasy owners.  QB Kelly Holcomb is gone, as is RB Mewelde Moore and WR Robert Ferguson. They signed WR Bernard Berrian from their division-rivals as well as backup RB Maurice Hicks from San Francisco.  Yawn.