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2008 Fantasy Baseball Draft Results

Last night, I had my first higher-stakes fantasy baseball draft. It is a 12-team 5x5 mixed non-keeper league. I drew the seventh selection and took OF Matt Holliday. When the draft swung back, both Johan Santana and Jake Peavy were taken so I selected Dave Ortiz. He has 1B eligibility in this league. I couldn't pass up Ortiz with that postion eligibility.

With Holliday and Ortiz anchoring my power and AVG, I took SP Brandon Webb with my third pick. I wanted to test my pitcher theory, but losing out on Santana and Peavy changed it. However, I still wanted to give a little more emphasis to the SP because this league starts just seven pitchers which should make the top hurlers more valuable.

In the 4th round, I decided to play on position scarcity and selected Minnesota's Joe Mauer. With Holliday and Ortiz on board, I felt adding Mauer would make it easier for me to reach for a Adam Dunn/Andruw Jones type of power hitter later. I followed-up the Mauer selection with Oriles' OF Nick Markakis, whose availability in the 5th round was too good to pass-up. I went with him over Hunter Pence.

Scott Kazmir was my target in the 6th round, but he was taken right before my selection. Aaron Harang became my #2 SP. In the seventh, I grabbed Diamondbacks' OF Chris Young for his incredible power/speed combination. With my earlier selections at hitter, I had little concern about Young's AVG. Much to my satisfaction, Hunter Pence was still available in the 8th round. I could not pass him up.

In the 9th round, I began to get greedy and hoped to land both Nationals' 3B Ryan Zimmerman and Brewers' 2B Rickie Weeks. When my 9th selection came-up, I decided to take Zimmerman because he was the top 3B on the board, and I felt he wouldn't make it back. Unfortunately, Ricke Weeks was taken four picks before he got back to me.

With a solid four-out-of-five categories covered, I turned to completing my pitching staff and grabbing speed/power combos to use as trade bait to address my roster needs as they arise during the season.

How did I do? I've included the PECOTA projections for the players I drafted.

C Mauer 9 10 59 80 0.294
1B Ortiz 35 6 121 108 0.283
2B Johnson 17 11 70 89 0.279
SS Lugo 6 21 47 64 0.274
3B Zimmerman 24 8 95 93 0.292
OF Holliday 29 13 109 106 0.319
OF Markakis 18 10 83 87 0.287
OF Young 27 22 79 85 0.274
UT Pence 23 13 80 82 0.286
SP Webb 14 0 155 3.403 1.242
SP Harang 13 0 176 3.744 1.24
RP Soria 4 35 79 3.161 1.191
RP BWilson 2 27 38 3.807 1.438
P RHill 12 0 161 4.055 1.258
P Burnett 11 0 163 3.827 1.288
P CWilson 3 30 47 4.136 1.428
BN Milledge 13 15 50 58 0.29
BN JUpton 20 18 76 94 0.271
BN Patterson 13 21 54 75 0.268
BN Butler 18 3 85 77 0.287
BN Garza 12 0 155 4.338 1.396