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NFL Update - AFC West

Denver - The Raiders swiped WR Javon Walker away and Denver replaced him with WR Keary Colbert.  The Broncos should enjoy watching Walker give up on routes for somebody else next season.  They also resigned TE Nate Jackson.  Yeah, I know, there's not much going on there.

Kansas City - Spring cleaning comes to KC as WRs Eddie Drummond, Samie Parker and Eddie Kennison all leave as free agents.  I think the Chiefs realized Dwayne Bowe was the only WR bothering to play anyway, they might as well just throw him out there all by himself.  K John Carney goes as well, and he'll be replaced by one of two new kickers: Nick Novak or Billy Cundiff.   The Chiefs biggest signing is LB Demorrio Williams who came over from Atlanta.

Oakland - They're clearing space for JaMarcus Russell, letting QB Josh McCown and QB Daunte Culpepper go via free agency.  WRs Jerry Porter and Tim Dwight are also out the door, but the Raiders did resign RB Justin Fargas to a one year deal.   As I just mentioned, they signed WR Javon Walker away from Denver with a big six year contract.  Six years?!  Hey, who's that laughing?  Is that you Shanahan?

San Diego - Cut RB Lorenzo Neal and lost the NFL's favorite backup RB, Michael Turner, to the Falcons.  They also let QB Billy Volek go as a free agent, which means they need a decent backup QB right away.  Somewhat surprisingly, the Chargers haven't signed a single free agent yet this signing period.