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Fantasy Baseball Draft Surprises

I know there must be other notable fantasy news occurring or worth commenting on, but the day after a draft still has me thinking of little else but that draft.  Here are some surprise picks from my draft last night.  By "surprise", I mean good, bad and everything in between.

1st Round:
Pick #8:  Johan Santana.  This seems too early, but the team did follow-up in the 3rd round with CC Sabthia so he does have his staff anchored well.

2nd Round:
Pick #20: Victor Martinez.  Again, this seemd to be a round too early.

3rd Round:
Pick #30:  Carlos Lee.  My turn was up at #31, and I was hoping Lee would have fall to me.  That would have blown my strategy of drafting a couple big pitchers early, but the value would have been too much to pass-up.

4th Round:
Pick #38:  Corey Hart.  I thought Hart, Markakis and Pence were grouped together in the end of 4th/5th.  Taking Hart in the early 4th surprised me. but the skills are there to justify it.

5th Round:
Pick #49: Francisco Rodriguez.  Lance Berkman was still on the board.

6th Round:
Pick #71: Adam Dunn.  A great selection this late.  One of only two players I consider a lock for 40 HRs.

7th Round:
Pick #78: Hideki Matsui.  By far, the worst pick of the draft.  Raul Ibanez went in the 19th round.  Like the State Trooper told the hillbilly in Appalachia - nothing before the teens.

8th Round:
Pick #87: Alex Gordon.  This was a reach, but I think Gordon will earn this rank.  

9th Round:
Pick #98: Joba Chamberlain.  Way too early, but more surprising was the team took Chipper Jones right before this when Ryan Zimmerman was still on the board.

10th Round:
Pick #110: Rickie Weeks.  He should have been taken by me in the previous round.  Great spot to take a likely 20/40 2B.

After this round, things got odd because of the league format (no CR or MM, only 3 OF and just 7 active P).  I began filling my rotation out without a ton of concern for available hitters because I thought I had enough hitters who I would play everyday regardless of the quality still available.  I also guessed that my 2008 mixed-league sleepers (Lastings Milledge, Justin Upton, etc) would still be around to fill my bench.