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Spring Training Boxscores: Fantasy Notes

  • Brandon Inge started at catcher for the Tigers.  I think he'll be dealt but would really prefer he stay in Detroit and gain catcher-eligibility to deepen that position's pool.
  • Denard Span goes 0-4 and drops his Spring AVG to .227. Is this why pundits say Spring Training stats are meaningless?
  • Chris Duncan is now hitting .050 this Spring.  See above comment or is this a real concern?
  • Any chance the Red Sox released C Doug Mirabelli because they want to break George Kotteras in?  Kevin Cash's offense is so bad chasing Tim Wakefield's knuckleball around for 6 innings can't possibly make-up for his offense, can it?
  • Erick Aybar hit his 1st Grapefruit League HR.  I'm ready to call the SS contest for him.  I am concerned he has just one SB attempt.  He barely ran for the Angels last season, too (4-8).
  • Brandon Wood went 0-2 with two Ks.  He has struck out 13 times so far and has a .071 AVG.  Stick a fork in him.
  • Josh Hamilton is hitting .577.  See the comment abotu Spring stats for Denard Span.  Does it still apply?