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NFL Update - AFC South

Houston - TEs Mark Breuner and Jeb Putzier are out the door and RB Ron Dayne goes right behind them. The only fantasy-significant signing has been WR Andre Davis to a four year deal, and that stretches the definition of "fantasy-significant"

Indianapolis - The Colts like the team they have just fine.  They named TE Dallas Clark their franchise player, then signed him to a six-year deal.  They let WRs Craphonso Thorpe and Aaron Moorehead go as free agents, but that's it for now.

Jacksonville - The Jags have been busy in the free agent market, swapping backup QB Quinn Gray (out) for QB Cleo Lemon (in).  RB LaBrandon Toefield gets his walking papers but longtime team favorite FB Greg Jones gets a new contract.  The Jags also attempt to rebuild their WR corps by letting Ernest Wilford go, signing WR Jerry Porter, and trading for Vikings' WR Troy Williamson.   Maybe it's just me, but Jerry Porter and Troy Williamson don't seem very impressive.

Tennessee - Low-rated fantasy WRs Eric Moulds and David Givens are told they can leave but the Titans resign WR Justin Gage (55 catches, 750 yds last year) to a four year contract.  RB Chris Brown leaves a free agent (again) but until he signs with somebody else it's always possible he could be back with the Titans (again).  TE Ben Troupe also leaves, but he won't be back as TE Alge Crumpler signs a two year contract to be the new starter.  Apparently they didn't get any Falcons games on TV in Nashville last year.