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Spring Training Boxscores: Fantasy Notes

SABRE this!!

Twins CF wannabe, Carlos Gomez, went 0-3 today and is now hitting a mere .148 this Spring.  He should be grateful there are still 18 days remaining until rosters have to be finalized.  Losing out to Denard Span for the CF position does not reflect positively on his acquisition.

Jeff Baker started at 2B opposite SS Troy Tulowitzki for the first time in a few games.

Tigers' C Ivan Rodriguez hit two more HRs to bring his Grapefruit League total to 6.  At 35 and playing for a contract, could his power return after being missing for most of the 21st century?

Marlins' CF Cameron Maybin hit two HRs today.  Does anyone remember he twaked a hamstring this Spring and appeared headed to AAA for seasoning?

Not to be shown-up, the Yankees threw at 3B Evan Longoria and slid hard into second base.  Duncan really came in spikes high, didn't he?