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NFL Update - AFC East

I'm going to cover all the NFL transactions for the year so far, team by team and division by division.  With my nose buried in fantasy baseball notes, I've missed quite a few of these the past couple of weeks.

First up, the AFC East:

Buffalo - The Bills swiped free agent LB Kawika Mitchell from the Giants, giving them a suddenly solid linebacking corps. It's been quiet upstate other than that, though ancient kicker Steve Christie retired.

At this Boston-area Target, the Patriots' 16-0 T-shirts have the clearance tags on.  What?  They're not selling?  That's hard to believe, huh?

Miami - When your team goes 1-15, it's time to clean house.  Out goes QB Trent Green, QB Cleo Lemon, RBs Jesse Chatman and Samkon Gado, WR Marty Booker, and T Corey Lekkerkerker who doesn't have any fantasy value but I just like saying "Lekkerkerker".   With all that space, who have they brought in?  QB Josh McCown and WR Ernest Wilford.   Come on Parcells, you'll need to do better than Ernest Wilford.

New England - Lose the Super Bowl, lose most of your secondary.  The Pats watched CB Asante Samuel and CB Randall Gay leave via free agency and tried to fill the holes by signing CBs Jason Webster and Lewis Sanders and S Tank Williams.  The Pats secondary has issues. The Pats kept their biggest free agent in Foxboro though, signing WR Randy Moss to a three-year contract.  No word if that contract requires him to catch the ball during the postseason or not.  The Pats also resigned WRs Jabar Gaffney and Kelley Washington but lost WR Donte' Stallworth and TE Kyle Brady.

New York Jets - With their crosstown rivals winning the Super Bowl, the Jets decided they needed to make a splash.  They signed free agent Guards Alan Faneca and Damien Woody to a pair of five year contracts and traded draft picks for Panthers' DT Kris Jenkins.   Solid upgrades all around for the boys in kelly green. Wave goodbye to WR Justin McCareins and say hello to backup RBs Jesse Chatman (from Miami) and Tony Richardson (from Minnesota).