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Spring Training Boxscores: Fantasy Notes

  • Corey Patterson lead-off and played CF for the Reds today.  He went 1-3 with no walks.   I do not believe for a moment that he will not be the centerfielder on Opening Day.
  • Rick Porcello pitched two scoreless innings today.  I suspect he will be one of the most watched prospects this season.
  • Blake DeWitt started at 3B for the Dodgers and hit a HR.  He used to be a well-regarded prospect but isn't any longer.  With Andy LaRoche hurting, DeWitt could get a chance this season to play 3B.
  • Jeff Keppinger started at SS today opposite Brandon Phillips.  He went 0-2, but I wanted to point out he struck out 26 times last year and walked 47 times between AAA and the majors.
  • David Price threw his second consecutive shutout inning today.  The question is who gets more hype this year - Price or Porcello?
  • Brandon Wood is starting at 3B today.  The Angels starting SS?  Hainley Statia.  I think it is fair to conclude Wood is not being given the opportunity to win the SS job.
  • Billy Butler started at 1B again.  He also hit his 2nd Cactus league HR.  He will get to play 1B during the season.
  • Greg Smith pitched four shutout innings for the A's this afternoon.  He was one of the six players the team got in the Dan Haren haul.  Watch him as he is a lefty with a great pick-off move.  I wonder if Andy Pettitte is a good comp?
  • Scott Podsednick stole his 5th base.  Too bad they don't count.  Do you want to be the one who drafts him?