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Fake Teams On Fantasy Focus With Jeff Erickson - Lastings Milledge, Nick Johnson & Brothers Upton

Update [2008-3-11 13:22:17 by Eric Hz]: Thank you to Jeff Erickson for having me on. I enjoyed the chance to talk baseball with one of the Kings of Fantasy Baseball.

We spoke about the potential of Lastings Milledge along with 1B Nick Johnson as a serious sleeper in 2008. Look back at his 2006 season. He walked 110 times! I am not worried about the broken leg. After all, Jeff Kent has seemd to surive his well enough, hasn't he? Both Upton brothers were discussed. I like both very much and have drafted accordingly, but never at prices I considered a reach.

FWIW, my Bluetooth went on the fritz for the first time! Figures.

I am scheduled to be a guest on XM Radio's "Fantasy Focus With Jeff Erickson" on Channel 175 during the second segment ~ 12:25 PM.  I'll provide an update later with what we spoke about for those who can't tune in.

I will be following Steve Moyer. Here is the schedule courtesy of Jeff Erickson's Rotowire blog.