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Baseball America On XM Radio: Jose Ceda, Andrew Brackman & Hiroki Kuroda

I received notification in my daily prospect email from Baseball America that BA will have a regular appearance on XM Radio's "MLB Live Weekend" on MLB Homeplate Channel 175 at 1:25 PM on Saturdays.  I made it a point to listen to the show, and I am glad I did.  Here is some of what I heard.

  1. In a discussion about Rick Porcello's successful two-inning stint in yesterday's pre-season game, John Manuel recalled the discussions surrounding last year's amateur draft and its top pitchers.  In this discussion was Porcello, David Price and Andrew Brackman.  He said that the best stuff at its peak, regardless of ability to consistently show it, was owned by....Andrew Brackman.  This helps explain the Yankees's drafting and signing of the Tommy John surgery recovering pitcher.
  2. Hiroki Kuroda may have been underestimated in BA's Top 100.  He should have been ranked because his stuff looks better than they had heard, and he is bigger than his listed 6'0.
  3. BA' #4 prospect for the Cubs', reliever Jose Ceda, throws gas and looks very good in limited action this Spring.  However, Mr. Manuel wants to see more before moving Ceda out of the Kyle Farnsworth comp.  The 6'5 247 lbs reliever could be another Lee Smith according to the Baseball America Prospect Handbook 2008.  A notable stat from Ceda's 2007 campaign - he allowed more runs (17) than hits (16).
  4. There is a XM Radio special offer from Baseball America at