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Fake Teams On Sirius Radio's Hardcore Sports

I just made an appearance on Sirius Radio's "Hardcore Sports Radio with Dave Golokhov".  Covering 1B is more exciting that one would think given the slew of potential sleepers sitting in the third tier - James Loney, Alex Gordon, Conor Jackson, Casey Kotchman, and Ryan Garko.  Right behind them are are rookies Daric Barton and Joey Votto.  

I'd add one more, especially if you're looking to get some SBs at the position - San Francisco's Dan Ortmeier.  He stole 18 bases in 21 attempts between AAA and San Francisco.  And it wasn't too long ago he swiped 35 for AA Norwich.

For those who listened and are now checking out Fake Teams for the first time, I've set-up a link for the various rankings I have done so far.  Note they have not been updated since I began posting them back in December.  However, that is likely to change before too long.

I also have 3B, OF and pitching ones to come.

List of 2008 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

For those who want to listen to what I had to say and to gleam some of the possible updates coming, listen here once the podcast is up.

Thank you, Dave.