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Here Come Your Toronto Bills

The Buffalo Bills announced a new deal where they will play one home game each season (for the next five seasons) at the Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays.

This sort of thing isn't completely unique - the Packers used to play one home game per season in Milwaukee years ago - but it still sends a bad sign to the Bills faithful.  Toronto is a big, metropolitan, booming city and Buffalo...isn't.

Everything you want to know about the deal can be summed up in these sentences:

Without going into detail, [Blue Jays' owner Ted] Rogers made no secret that ticket prices will be expensive.

"We're going to charge high rates and we're going to have all the seats sold," Rogers said.

When it was noted that some tickets would be available for under $100, Rogers held up two fingers and said, "Two," drawing a laugh from the crowd.

Reports have speculated that tickets would be sold for an average $250 per seat. Bills tickets at Ralph Wilson Stadium, by comparison, average about $46.

Ha-ha-ha!  We're going to fleece the fans!  Whoo-hooo!!!

Ugh.  I wonder how long the Bills have left in Buffalo.   Three years maybe?