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2008 Fantasy Baseball SS Rankings: Keeper League Draft Values

And the trend continues! The SSs in the National League appear to be much better than those in the AL. From the depths of fantasy analysis will arise the next great truth in baseball commentary - the NL has caught up to the AL!

Check out four of the 14 AL starters at SS - Dave Eckstein, Tony Pena, Adam Everett and Luis Hernandez. While those match-up as fav...unfavorably with the NL trioka of Cesar Izturis, Christian Guzman and, sadly, Omar Vizquel, there are 16 NL starters. That makes the % of really crappy fantasy SSs 28.6% for the AL to a mere 18.8% in the NL!

And at the top of the AL SS list are three players who are either trending downward (Derek Jeter and Michael Young) or won't be SS-eligible in 2009 (Carlos Guillen). Even worse for the AL, there does not appear to be any starters who could elevate their performance to get into the next tiers.

While the NL has three stud SS with a 4th (Troy Tulowitzki) who needs to reproduce his outstanding rookie year efforts to join them. In the $15-22 bucket, one could argue all four of the listed players could be higher with expected performance (Stephen Drew), a repeat ones (JJ Hardy and Ryan Theriot) and atick up in AVG (Khalil Greene).

AL SS Draft Values:

$30+ None      
$23-29 Derek Jeter Michael Young Carlos Guillen  
$15-22 Julio Lugo Edgar Renteria Jhonny Peralta Orlando Cabrera
$8-$14 Jason Bartlett Yusi Betancourt    
$1-7 David Eckstein Tony Pena Adam Everett Bobby Crosby
  Luis Hernandez Erick Aybar Macier Izturis  

NL SS Draft Values:

$30+ Jose Reyes Jimmy Rollins Hanley Ramirez  
$23-29 Troy Tulowitzki Raphael Furcal Miguel Tejada  
$15-22 Khalil Greene Stephen Drew Ryan Theriot JJ Hardy
$8-$14 Yuni Escobar Alex Gonzalez Jack Wilson  
$1-7 Omar Vizquel Christian Guzman Felipe Lopez Cesar Izturis