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Et Tu, Debbie Clemens?

Body by HGH?
I have tried to stay out of the kerfuffle surrounding the he said/he said between Hall-of-Famer Roger Clemens and his former trainer, Brain McNamee, but news just broke that forced my hand.  The NY Daily News reports McNamee is the Clemens' family...trainer.  He claims to have shot-up Debbie Clemens with HGH ahead of the Sports Illustrated photo shoot she did with her husband back in 2003.

This can't help Roger's Herculean efforts to reverse the damage that was wrought on his reputation by his inclusion in the Mitchell Report, can it?  Should anyone care one way or the other?

I am interested to see how Clemens' team spins this development.  Given this information is coming out in Congressional testimony, aren't there risks of perjury at play - for both sides?


If Debbie Clemens did HGH, can Roger survive?

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  • 12%
    Yes. Debbie Clemens is her own woman and can independently arrive at the decision to use HGH without some man telling her!
    (10 votes)
  • 87%
    No, even Bill Clinton couldn't get out of this.
    (73 votes)
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