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2008 Fantasy Baseball 2B Rankings: Keeper League Draft Values

Similar to the 1B rankings, the 2B rankings appear to favor the NL at the top of the heap. While the disparity is not as great, I am beginning to think the days of the weak sister NL may be over.

One trait I notice is there appears to be a lot of good AVG-only players at the position. If you end up scrambling for a middle infielder at the end of the draft or find yourself with a lot of .270-ish HR hitters, you should consider grabbing a Mark Grudzalaniek-type.

What will interest me is to seeing how far Pirates 2B Freddie Sanchez drops after he failed to follow-up his 2006 Batting Title with a perceived acceptable performance. However, .304 with 11 HRs and 81 RBIs should not have disappointed those with realistic expectations.

Of course, when a player has just 2 HRs, 32 RBIs and a sub-.300 AVG at the All-Star Break, it is hard to shake the perception he didn't disappoint. For those whose patience rivals Mother Theresa's, you were rewarded post-ASB with 9 HRs and 49 RBIs, but who didn't cut bait on Freddy before that?

AL 2B Draft Prices:

$30+ Robinson Cano Brian Roberts BJ Upton  
$23-29 Ian Kinsler      
$15-22 Aaron Hill Howie Kendrick Mark Ellis  
$8-$14 Dustin Pedroia Akinori Iwamura Placido Polanco Asdrubal Cabrera
  Mark Grudzalaniek Brendan Harris Jose Lopez  
$1-7 Danny Richar Juan Uribe    

NL 2B Draft Prices:

$30+ Chase Utley Brandon Phillips    
$23-29 Dan Uggla Richie Weeks    
$15-22 Kelly Johnson Mark DeRosa Kaz Matsui Orlando Hudson
$8-$14 Luis Castillo Freddie Sanchez Jeff Kent Tadahito Iguchi
  Ray Durham      
$1-7 Rafael Belliard Adam Kennedy Jayson Nix Marcus Giles
  Jeff Baker Ian Stewart