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Curt Schilling Out For The Season?

News today is bad for anyone looking for mid-valued starting pitchers.  The Angels announced Kelvim Escobar still has shoulder issues and will begin  the 2008 season on the DL.  A couple weeks ago, I posted a list of pitchers who struck out between 159 and 190 hitters in 2007 and found that 64% of those pitchers from 2005 & 2006 using the saem criteria failed to strike out as many batters the following year.  Escobar looks like he is the first of an expected 11.59 pitchers from the 2007 list who won't strikeout as many batters as he did in 2007.

In Boston, speculation is beginning that Curt Schilling needs major shoulder surgery and will miss the 2008 season, if he does.  I am curious about when the Red Sox became aware of a potential problem.  Recall a couple weeks ago, rumors surrounding the alledged Boston Red Sox offer for Johan Santana changed to say LHP Jon Lester was no longer on the table.  Just a coincidence?

FWIW, Schilling was one of those pitcher in 64.4% of 2005 and 2006 pitchers who did not strike out as many batters in the following year.