This should be fun (R-Rated Language)

I had a bet with another team owner last year on who would have the better fantasy regular season.  It was an epic battle, but I persevered in the end.  What were my spoils of war from this victory?  Well I received $20 bucks and more importantly, I get to name his team for this upcoming year.  

So I am requesting help in naming his team.  To help you in this endeavor, here are a couple of things to know about this team owner:

Name:  He usually goes by his nickname of Laz (which is a bastardization of his last name).
Present Team Name:  Kramerica
Personality Traits:  He loves to stir up crap on the message boards.  He talked trash to me the entire season, so it was very satisfying to win our bet.  At the beginning of the season, he proposed what he would name my team if he won the bet:  Please do not read further if you are easily offended :) cum guzzlers.  I am adding this sentence at the end so the name does not stand out.

So any help you all can provide in the naming of his team should be fun.  Be clever, crass, funny...whatever.  Thanks in advance!

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