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Playoffs? Playoffs ?!! The Return Of Jim Mora (Junior)

(Yeah, I know, that title refers to the old man, not Junior.  I could listen to that audio clip all day though.)

The Seahawks have announced that assistant Head Coach Jim Mora Jr will replace Mike Holmgren as Head Coach starting in 2009.  The Seahawks are making the announcement now just so everybody understands that Mora is next in line.  

And to make sure that everybody knows Holmgren is leaving after next year.  Really.  He's leaving, don't worry.  See, we already have the new guy lined up.  He's leaving.  New guy right here. We're serious.  Leaving.

Jim Mora was last seen being fired by the Falcons.  While that seems to happen to somebody every few months, he stands out by having had a winning record.

Mora took the Falcons to the NFC championship in 2004, his first season in Atlanta. The Falcons fired him on New Year's Day, 2007. The Falcons went 26-22 under Mora.

Mora has been the heir apparent to the 60-year-old Holmgren ever since he was hired as Seattle's assistant head coach and defensive backs coach 12 months ago. Since then, the team has made a concerted effort to keep Mora away from speculation concerning head coaching jobs.

I've been tracking the coaching-go-round the last few months, and I haven't seen Mora's name being proposed.  I don't think the Seahawks needed that concerted of an effort.

This should have no effect on the Seahawks' fantasy value next season, unless they start slow and pressure builds for Holmgren to leave early.  There's some potential for coaching friction, which is never good.