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Sources of Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

The defintion of "sleeper" is one of the harder things to pin down given the wide variety of fantasy baseball formats available.  Without knowing what a sleeper is, how can you spot places to prospect for them?

One way to do so is look for opportunity.  Is there a posistion manned by an injury-prone veteran i.e. Mark Kotsay in CF for Atlanta?

Whether banking that the injury-prone player is any more likely to yield a sleeper than the the most injury-resistant player has not been demonstrated to my statisfaction.  After all, isn't that injury-rpone veteran starting because the team didn't have a better option?

One place to look are positions on teams that do not have a clear-cut favorite.  Here are a few examples that could yield a full-time surprise in the 2008 fantasy baseball season.

  1. 1B New York Yankees
  2. 3B Florida Marlins
  3. 3B San Francisco Giants
  4. 1B San Francisco Giants
  5. SS Baltimore Orioles
  6. 1B Kansas City Royals
  7. CF Minnesota Twins
  8. 2B Chicago White Sox
  9. OF Oakland A's
Where are so more places to mine fantasy sleeper gold?