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Spring Boxscores: Fantasy Notes

With the start of Spring training games, the boxscore has returned!  Here are some observations from today's games.

Detroit Tigers 4 NY Mets 2:

Disgruntled Tiger Brandon Inge played CF for the last part of the game.  If the Tigers can't deal him, expect him to gain multiple position eligibility.  I want to see him appear as a catcher before getting too excited.

Colorado Rockies 7 Chi White Sox 3:

Jayson Nix started at 2B with the Rockies' A team.  He was 0-1 with two walks and a K.  He was replaced by Ian Stewart.  So much for Hurdles' assertion that Jeff Baker was the main competition for Nix.

Texas Rangers 6 Kansas City Royals 1:

The Rangers started David Murphy, Josh Hamilton and Marlon Byrd from left field to right.  David Murphy is the surprise.

The Royals started Billy Butler at 1B.  Could his DH-only eligibility be temporary once the season starts?

Washington Nationals 3 Florida Marlins 3:

Lastings Milledge hit 3rd.  He will be a huge breakout player in 2008 if this holds.