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2008 Fantasy Baseball Draft Results

Last night, I completed my first offical draft of the 2008 fantasy baseball season.  It is a mixed 5x5 league.  It is called The Fantasy Baseball Writer's League made-up of the following bloggers:

  1. Brock For Broglio
  2. Crooked Pitch
  3. Fantasy Baseball Mafia
  4. Fantasy Game Day
  5. Fantasy Hurler
  6. Razzball
  7. Rotoauthority
  8. Rotorob
  9. Rotonomics
  10. Seamless Baseball (2)
  11. Fake Teams
I won the first pick and the draft and took the no-brainer choice.  Whenever I get the first or last pick in a draft, I prepare myself to accept that I will need to reach on picks because their true value will not last the 23 selections until I pick again.

I usually wait until my next picks to decide on a draft strategy i.e. 24/25 with the 1st pick and 36/37 with the last.  When Jake peavy was available, I decided on a strategy.  I would build a solid starting pitching staff.  To that end, I knew I couldn't pick Peavy and sit out 8 rounds on pitchers.  I had to grab a couple more in the 6-10th rounds.

To this end, I excuted well as I have a pitching staff anchored by two high-strikeout pitchers, Peavy and Scott Kazmir, along with three starters who are normally the top three on my staff - Chris Young, Tim Lincecum and Yovanni Gallardo.  With a 1500 inning maximum, I felt comfortable that I'd be able to maximize my staff's starts.

As a result of taking starting pitchers, I had to settle for less accomplished hitters.  Amongst those, I reached somewhat on Brewers' OF Corey Hart.  While I feel he can be as good as the Cubs Alfonzo Soriano, I know that isn't a consensus fantasy opinion.  Check out the numbers, though, and remember 2008 will be Hart's first season as a full-time starter.

Best pick:  SP Chien-Ming Wang or OF Raul Ibanez
Worst pick: C Paul LoDuca.  In a two-catcher league, I should have grabbed one of the 15 HR-types a couple rounds earlier.
Sleeper pick: OF Adam Jones.  Who is going to get to hit behind Nick Markakis all season?

My team:

  1. (1) Álex Rodríguez 3B
  2. (24) B.J. Upton 2B,OF
  3. (25) Jake Peavy P
  4. (48) Troy Tulowitzki SS
  5. (49) Corey Hart OF
  6. (72) Scott Kazmir P
  7. (73) Chris Young P
  8. (96) Rickie Weeks 2B
  9. (97) Tim Lincecum P
  10. (120) James Loney 1B
  11. (121) Yovani Gallardo P
  12. (144) Michael Bourn OF
  13. (145) Adam Jones OF
  14. (168) Chien-Ming Wang P
  15. (169) Brian Wilson P
  16. (192) Raúl Ibañez OF
  17. (193) Justin Upton OF
  18. (216) C.J. Wilson P
  19. (217) Lastings Milledge OF
  20. (240) Cameron Maybin OF
  21. (241) Jason Giambi 1B
  22. (264) Paul Lo Duca C
  23. (265) Carlos Ruiz C
  24. (288) Wandy Rodríguez P
  25. (289) Tony Peña P
  26. (312) Jon Rauch P
In usable format:
C    Paul Lo Duca
C    Carlos Ruiz
1B   James Loney
2B   B.J. Upton
SS   Troy Tulowitzki
3B   Álex Rodríguez
CI   Jason Giambi
MI   Rickie Weeks
OF   Corey Hart
OF   Michael Bourn
OF   Adam Jones
OF   Raúl Ibañez
OF   Justin Upton
UT   Lastings Milledge
BN   Cameron Maybin

P   Jake Peavy
P   Scott Kazmir
P   Chris Young
P   Tim Lincecum
P   Yovani Gallardo
P   Chien-Ming Wang
P   Wandy Rodríguez
P   Brian Wilson
P   CJ Wilson
BN  Tony Peña
BN  Jon Rauch