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Odds & Ends: Houston Astros, Juan Pierre and Josh Fields

John Perrotto writes a must-read Sunday column for Baseball Prospectus called Every Given Sunday.  The column typically hits on a few happenings in baseball and then follows-up with AL & NL rumors and grumblings.  The column is reminiscent of those pre-interent Sunday columns begun by Peter Gammons at the Boston Globe and readily copied by major newspapers everywhere.

This week, there are many bits of info that fantasy players can put to use.  Unfortunately, the column is behind BP's subscriber wall so I will only a few tidbits along with a quick fantasy analysis.

  1. The Astros plan on running more this season.
    Fantasy Impact:  Kick Michael Bourn upwards a round or two.
  2. Those around the Dodgers believe it will be Kemp and Ethier platooning in RF to begin the season.
    Fantasy Impact:  Juan Pierre is going to be a "sleeper" in this year's drafts as no one wants to believe that Pierre gets another 600+ ABs.
  3. Expect Joe Crede to be dealt as manager Ozzie Guillen has said Josh Fields will start at 3B.
    Fantasy Impact:  Grab Fields because he can steal 10+.  Recall he is just a season removed from swiping 26 in AAA during the 2006 season.