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Odds & Ends: Albert Pujols, Brad Lidge and Brandon Wood

Since Albert Pujols announced he won't play through injuries the same way he has in the past, fantasy players have begun to re-evaluate where he should be drafted.  I know I have no intentions of taking him with a mid-1st round selection.

His ADP has fallen to 7th, but the last three mock drafts I have taken part in, he has gone 10th twice and 13th.  My guess is he will be too hard to pass up with the 12/13 picks in 12-team leagues without additional negative information.


So the Phillies trade for Brad Lidge to solidify their bullpen and, on the first pitch, he catches a cleat and hurts the knee he had surgically repaired this past off-season.   Tomorrow is the day Phillies' fans and fantasy players wait for.

Will Lidge lose significant time?  Who will close then?  Tom Gordon and who?


Reports have Angels' prospect Brandon Wood moving back to SS in AAA this year.  If something happens to Erick Aybar, Macier Izturis or Chone Figgins, do not be surprised to see Wood take a run at the AL ROY this season.

I know I said soemthing similar last season.  What are the chances I am right this year on Wood and more-hyped rookies failing to live-up to the hype?  I'm sure Evan Longoria fans hope I am wrong on the second count.