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Free 2008 Fantasy Baseball Projections

Here are a list of four free 2008 fantasy baseball projections.  Unlike a couple of very popular subscriber projection systems (PECOTA and Ron Shandler), these make attempts to predict the extremes on the high-end of the stats.  Whether these are better because they do or not, these systems do offer something that will look like real life.  It is just the names that may be different.

There is one link that may be unfamilar to most.  It is Baseball insights, a new fantasy baseball site that attempts to take an investment bankers' view of the game.  It requires a username and password, but it is free.  The information looks good.  Let me know what you think.

Free Fantasy Baseball Projections & Draft Guides:

  1. Fantasy 411 Composite Projections
  2. Rotoauthority
  3. ESPN Draft Kit
  4. Baseball Insights