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Winning At Fantasy Baseball

A persistant discomfort of mine is defining oneself as an "expert".  Does that mean I should win every league I enter against non-professed experts?  It can't possibly mean that as no one can win every league they play in unless the other particpants lack any ability to learn and adapt.  Ther

Does fantasy expertise mean maintaining a website devoted to fantasy sports?  It could as the ability to keep posting new material every day for 365 days year after year requires a fount of knowledge deep enough to be tapped over and over again.

Or does being a fantasy expert mean you can analyze draft conditions and work draft value for each marginal point in each category?  This would certainly appear to be included amongst the fantasy cognescenti.  Over at Baseball Think Factory, there is a good discussion about just this in the context of winning this year's Tout Wars.

I am certain I do too much thinking about this, and The Boogey Blog offers a paean to one fantasy player who has proven over and over again that maintaining a website or being able, and willing, to calculate marginal point values are unnecessary to win.  Go over and read how to win at fantasy baseball.

Then come back and tell me what you think he does so right.