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A Hint At The Top 5 Pitching Prospects

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The Baseball America Prospect Handbook 2008 is available now. In it are the Top 50 prospects of each of the four BA analysts who collarborate on the Top 100 Prospects that fantasy players everywhere use to learn which minor leaguers to keep on eye on during the season.

Here are the Top 5 pitchers from each one. Note these are not the top 5 prospects overall for each. Just the pitchers. As is the case with the opther top rpospect rankings this year, players who have not done anythign professionally are listed amongst the best in the minors. David Price is the example here.

BA Jim Callis Will Lingo John Manuel Chris Kline
1 Clay Buchholz Clay Buchholz Joba Chamberlain Joba Chamberlain
2 Joba Chamberlain Homer Bailey Clayton Kershaw Franklin Morales
3 Clayton Kershaw Franklin Morales Clay Buchholz Clay Buchholz
4 Homer Bailey Joba Chamberlain David Price Clayton Kershaw
5 Franklin Morales Clayton Kershaw Franklin Morales David Price