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The Finalists Are Announced In the Fake Teams Best Fantasy Baseball Names Contest

After hours of deliberations, the finalists for the 3rd Fake Teams Best Fantasy Baseball Names Contest have been determined.  There is a good mix of puns on players' names and baseball commentators, too.  Current events also scored an entry as did one that would make a good blog name to boot.

Please vote in the poll on the home page.  The top three vote getters will recieve a copy of Baseball Prospectus 2008: The Essential Guide to the 2008 Baseball Season. The voting ends next Saturday morning.

Without further ado, here are the finalists:

  1.  Itchy Buchholz by omshagome
  2.  Ask the Court for Clemensy by JohnnyH
  3.  Murderer's Roto by farmhands20
  4.  If I Olney Had A Brain by Ratdog90
  5.  Always Wear Clean Hunter Pence by stevegoz
To view the rest of the entries, click here.