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2008 Fantasy Baseball Elite SP Rankings: Keeper League Draft Values

I admit to being slightly anti-pitcher. As a group, pitchers seem so unpredictable. Who recalls Cardinal's SP Chris Carpenter's ADP last season  It was 29, and he was the second pitcher taken after Johan Santana (6 OA). I againm admit to some fear of wasting valuable $$$ on pitchers.

As a result, I typically don't over-spend on SP even the elite ones. Last year, I made an exception and went to $28 on Angels' ace, John Lackey. That worked out as well as anyone could expect. The question is whether or not I repeat that venture this year.

Regardless of the effort to overcome my fear, here is the list of elite SP as I see them for AL- and NL-only auction keeper leagues. I will follow-up with mid-tier ones and then the single-digit group.

Which pitcher did I miss, if any, that should be $20+?

AL-Only Elite SP Draft Values:

$30+ Josh Beckett Erik Bedard    
$20-29 Roy Halladay Scott Kazmir Justin Verlander CC Sabathia
  John Lackey Daisuke Matzusaka Felix Hernandez  
AJ Burnett      

NL-Only Elite SP Draft Values:

$30+ Johan Santana Jake Peavy Brandon Webb  
$20-29 Dan Haren John Smoltz Carlos Zambrano Aaron Harang
  Roy Oswalt Brad Penny Cole Hamels Chris Young