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Odds & Ends: Albert Pujols, Giants OF and An ROY Sleeper

Buster Olney of ESPN has a blurb in his daily blog.  He is hearing the concerns about Albert Pujols' health are very real.  I know I have already decided to not pick him in fantasy baseball drafts.  What I haven't decided at what point I would take Pujols?


On Grant Paulsen's "Minors & Majors" program on XM Radio, John  Manuel of Baseball America offered the Angels' Nick Adenhart as a dark horse ROY candidate.  Adenhart  has a lot to overcome with the Yankees' Joba Chamberlain and the Red Sox' duo of Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz set to dominate the headlines, but I know I'd rooting for Adenahrt to surprise.

Mr. Manuel pegged Joba at the favorite.  Two 80 pitches on the 20-80 scouting scale is too much to overcome.

Additionally, he pegged Red 1B Joey Votto's chances of starting on Opening Day at 5%.  He cited Hatteberg's experience and performance as too much for Votto to overcome.  I wasn't surprised.  What did surprise me is Mr. Manuel's contention that Votto doesn't have enough power.


On Chris "Mad Dog" Russo's Saturday radio program on WFAN, he interviewed Giants' manager Bruce Bochy.  In a response to Russo's question about the trio of young OFers competing for rosters spots (Fred Lewis, Rajai Davis & Nate Schierholtz), Bochy admitted some challenge getting all three enough time.  Bochy said Aaron Rowand and Randy Winn were going to play everyday.  That left Dave Roberts as a likely platooner.  The OF Bochy mentioned as his mate?  Rajai Davis.

Davis should be kept on the sleeper list of any NL-only leagues and watched in mixed ones looking for mid-season SBs.  FWIW, Fred Lewis is out of options, so expect Schierholtz to open the season in AAA or to see Lewis dealt.