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2008 Fantasy Baseball Potential Closers Rankings: Keeper League Draft Values

Here is a list of closer-in-waiting and the draft values I expect to see in AL- or NL-only keeper leagues. No set-up man will fetch more than $14. There are just not enough roster spots for all of them to reach their maximum expected value. As a result many of the $8-14 pitchers will go for less. I placed pitchers there to signal those set-up men who have the best chance to move into the closers role or those who will have that kind of dollar value as pure set-up men.

A couple of closing situations should yield a set-up man in the higher tier, but I am not sure who the back-up will be. The Brewers situation is one in particular. With Eric Gagne closing, one wouldn't be crazy to think he will continue to breakdown. That makes his back-up worth grabbing. Unfortunately, I'm not excited about either Derek Turnbow or Dave Riske.

AL-Only Draft values

$8-$14 Joba Chamberlain BJ Ryan Al Reyes Rafael Betancourt
  Octavio Dotel Pat Neshek Scot Shields Brandon Morrow
  Alan Embree      
$1-7 Hideki Okajima Manny Delcarmen Kyle Farnsworth Fernando Rodney
  Greg Aquino Jamie Walker Masahide Kobayashi Yasuhiko Yabuto
  Matt Guerrier Joaquin Benoit Eddie Guardado  

NL-Only Draft values

$8-$14 Jon Rauch Bobby Howry Carlos Marmol Jonathan Broxton
  Tony Pena      
$1-7 Aaron Heilman Tom Gordon Pete Moylan Matt Linstrom
  Derek Turnbow Dave Riske Dave Weathers Russ Springer
  Oscar Villareal Damaso Marte Chad Qualls Heath Bell
  Tyler Walker Brad Hennessey Brian Fuentes