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Roger Clemens Congressional Hearings: Andy Pettitte's Affidavit

With pitchers and catcher set to report tomorrow, I am left listening to live coverage of Roger Clemens' congressional hearings on whether or not he can avoid a perjury charge.  Oh, that's not what the hearings are about?

Late last night, word of a sworn affidavit by Andy Pettitte pins Clemens down to admitting to HGH use ten years ago.  Pettitte also swears Clemens told him in 2005 that he was misunderstood.  It was Clemens wife, Debbie, who was using the HGH.

McNamee Tells Truth?
That is interesting on two counts.  1st, it supports MacNamee's recent revelation that he provided HGH to Mrs. Clemens.  

2nd, it offers a line of defense for Clemens to refute any evidence that turns up on shipments to any Clemens addresses.  He can claim the HGH was for his wife.  There can also be some spousal privilege invoked by Clemens later down the road.

Whatever is revealed, Andy Pettitte is the credible witness who must be refuted by Clemens' lawyering.  Since this won't lend itself to the discrediting McNamee defense currently being employed, I am interested to see how far Roger is going to take this.

FWIW, I believe Andy Pettitte and that Roger should call off the dogs and hope the baseball writers can educate themselves further about the possibility that a dominant PED user amongst PEd users is still Hall-of-Fame worthy.