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2008 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft: NL-Only

Last night, the Raygu NL-Only Mock Draft was held. I was unable to attend, and, wow, my team reflects that. From Rounds 3 through 9, the computer picked six pitchers with just Juan Pierre as the one hitter selected.

As a result, my squad is filled with hitters who can not be counted on to hit .300 or hit more than 20 HRs or drive-in more than 70. But I got Noah Lowry and Scott Olsen and Kyle Lohse! If I had gone pitching heavy, I can guarantee I would have went heavy on hitting and picked off middle relievers to fill out the rest of my staff.

With autodrafts ready to go, let this be a warning to pre-rank as many players as you can!

Pos Name Team RD
OF Matt Holliday COL 1
1B/OF Lance Berkman HOU 2
SP Cole Hamels PHI 3
RP Francisco Cordero CIN 4
OF Juan Pierre LA 5
RP Chad Cordero WAS 6
RP Brad Lidge PHI 7
SP Derek Lowe LA 8
SP Oliver Perez NYM 9
OF Nate McLouth PIT 10
3B Ty Wigginton HOU 11
OF Xavier Nady PIT 12
2B Mark DeRosa CHC 13
SS Alex Gonzalez CIN 14
SP Noah Lowry SF 15
SP Scott Olsen FLA 16
C Brian Schneider NYM 17
SP Kyle Lohse PHI 18
OF Willie Harris WAS 19
2B Marcus Giles COL 20
C Henry Blanco CHC 21
OF Luis Gonzalez LA 22
1B Scott Hatteberg CIN 23