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2008 Fantasy Baseball 3B Rankings: Keeper League Draft Values

The string of infielders in which the NL dominates the AL almost comes to an end with 3B. There is little argument that Alex Rodriguez tops the list, but what about Miguel Cabrera versus David Wright? I'd take the 20+ SB of Wright over Cabrera, but I understand if others do not.

If Ryan Braun maintained 3B eligibility in 2009, then I'd declare the NL the winner because the next tier down clearly favors the NLers. Who'd take Mike Lowell and Adrian Beltre over Ryan Zimmerman, Aramis Ramirez or Garrett Atkins? Heck, a case can be amde to take Chipper Jones over either AL second-tier 3Bs. This doesn't include the possibility of Ryan Zimmerman breaking through to the top tier with a season away from the unfriendly hitting confines of RFK.

Where the AL can prevent an infield sweep is if Rays' rookie Evan Longoria and Royals' second-year hot cornerman, Alex Gordon, make the progression upwards. Or if lusterless youngsters Andy Marte (out of options) and Brandon Wood choose 2008 for their coming-out party. Yet the NL could answer with Edward Encarnacion, Andy LaRoche or Mark Reynolds.

No matter, I believe the NL is close to surpassing the AL. I figure it'll take another 12-24 months for the national commentators to catch on.

AL-only 3B Values:

$30+ Alex Rodriguez Miguel Cabrera Chone Figgins
$23-29 Mike Lowell Adrian Beltre
$15-22 Scott Rolen Evan Longoria Josh Fields Alex Gordon
Hank Blalock
$8-$14 Akinori Iwamura Melvin Mora Casey Blake Joe Crede
Mike Lamb Eric Chavez
$1-7 Andy Marte Brandon Wood

NL-only 3B Values:

$30+ David Wright Ryan Braun
$23-29 Chipper Jones Ryan Zimmerman Aramis Ramirez Garrett Atkins
$15-22 Pedro Feliz Bill Hall Edward Encarnacion Troy Glaus
Ty Wigginton Kevin Kouzmanoff
$8-$14 Jose Bautista Andy LaRoche Chad Tracy Mark Reynolds
$1-7 Jose Castillo Dallas MacPherson Alfredo Amazaga Jeff Keppinger
Mark Loretta Nomar Garciaparra Kevin Frandsen