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More Hints At Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects

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The Baseball America Prospect Handbook 2008 is available now. In it are the Top 50 prospects of each of the four BA analysts who collarborate on the Top 100 Prospects that fantasy players everywhere use to learn which minor leaguers to keep on eye on during the season.

Here are the bottom 5 hitters from each one's Top 50 prospects with their ranking on the list. From those listed, fantasy players should recognize that being ranked at the bottom of a list does not mean the players are bottom-of-the-barrell. There are several players listed who should be on everyone's Watch List.

Does anyone want to forget about Joey Votto because he is ranked so "low" on these lists? Or Geovany Soto? Andy LaRoche? Chin-Lung Hu? Matt Antonelli?

BA Jim Callis Will Lingo John Manuel Chris Kline
1 Chase Headley (50) Chin-Lung Hu (49) J.R. Towles (49) Joey Votto (49)
2 Desmond Jennings Joey Votto Angel Villalona Andy LaRoche
3 J.R. Towles Geovany Soto Lars Anderson Hector Gomez
4 Geovany Soto Austin Jackson Matt Antonelli Reid Brignac
5 Chin-Lung Hu (44) Angel Villalona (42) Jeff Clement (42) Neil Walker (44)