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Jason Campbell: Same As It Ever Was

Coming into this season, Redskins' QB Jason Campbell was a popular fantasy football sleeper.  Washington had a new Head Coach who promised to throw the ball more often and not one but two highly rated rookie WRs in Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly.  Campbell had developed during his 13 starts in 2007 and now was ready to kick some butt.  The second coming of Air Coryell was coming to Washington so everybody get ready!   
Uh, no.
Jason Campbell is the same QB he was last season.  The Redskins are pretty much the same passing team they were last season.  Nothing has changed.
Here's the comparison between Campbell's 2007 season and where we are now in the 2008 season.  In both cases, Campbell played 13 games and started all of them.
2007 - 417 attempts, 250 completions, 60.0 completion pct
2008 - 415 attempts, 262 completions, 63.1 completion pct

So much for the "Redskins will throw more" theory.  Through 13 games, Campbell not only hasn't thrown the ball more, he's thrown the ball less!   That isn't helping.  His completion percentage is up, which is a good sign, but I doubt your league scores completion percentage.
2007 - 2700 pass yds, 12 TDs, 11 INT
2008 - 2778 pass yds, 11 TDs, 6 INT

Again, amazingly similar stats with the glaring exception that he's thrown almost 50% fewer interceptions.  That's another good sign for the future, but it's not enough.  Under common fantasy football scoring, the stat differences for this year compared to last year are worth 3 + (-4) + 10 = 9 points.  That's less than a point a game.  Fantasy football-wise, he's the same quarterback.  Then again, there are some indications that point to a bright future for Campbell.
Heading into next season, I expect Redskins' QB Jason Campbell to be a popular fantasy football sleeper!