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Fantasy Football Thoughts on Week 14

- Saints' TE Jeremy Shockey now has 50+ receiving yards in each of his last three games.  He's still a big fantasy bust, but if he can help you in the playoffs you'll probably overlook that.
- Driving Fantasy Owners Nuts, Part XXVI:  The Titans systematically ground up the Browns 28-6 yesterday.  LenDale White had a good day with a touchdown.  BUT, here's the last Titans play of the game:

4-2-CLE6 (1:53) L.White left end to CLV 7 for -1 yards (D.Jackson).
That red zone choke by White dropped him from 100 rushing yards to 99 rushing yards, costing most White owners a point, and some of them a 100-yard game bonus.  Ouch.
- The Giants suck and their sucky offense cost me a win in the playoffs.   I hope Plaxico Burress comes home to find Eli Manning and Brandon Jacobs in bed with his mom.
- Welcome back Matt Schaub and his 414 passing yards.  Wow.  Someday, I hope the Texans build a team around this guy.  Imagine what kind of season he'd be having if the Texans had sprung for Michael Turner in the offseason.
- Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes combined had the same number of rushing yards as Cedric Benson.  That's just not right.
- The 2009 Green Bay Packers are going to have a ton of fantasy-favored players (Rodgers, Grant, Jennings, Driver, Lee, etc, etc) for a team that finished the previous year under .500.  That seems like a problem, doesn't it?
- Look, look, a Tarvaris Jackson sighting!   Sigh.  The Vikings will never be more than above-average until they get a decent quarterback.   Everybody seems to understand that except the Vikings.   Remember that next year when you're considering drafting Bernard Berrian.
- The last four quarterbacks to face the Patriots have thrown for 2+ passing touchdowns.  That includes three yesterday from Seneca Wallace.  Yikes.
- San Francisco's Shaun Hill now has nine passing TDs in his last five games.  He's playing just well enough for the 49ers to consider keeping him as the starter next season, which would be tragic for 49er fans.
- The same thing goes for Tyler Thigpen.  Here are the last five plays on the Chiefs' last minute, potentially game-tying drive.

1-10-DEN22 (6:15) (Shotgun) T.Thigpen scrambles left end pushed ob at DEN 10 for 12 yards (J.Bell).
1-10-DEN10 (5:37) T.Thigpen pass incomplete short left to D.Bowe (J.Winborn).
2-10-DEN10 (5:33) (Shotgun) T.Thigpen up the middle to DEN 5 for 5 yards (E.Ekuban, M.Thomas).
3-5-DEN5 (4:48) T.Thigpen pass incomplete short right to D.Bowe (K.Paymah). Penalty on KC, Illegal Formation, declined.
4-5-DEN5 (4:44) (Shotgun) T.Thigpen scrambles up the middle to DEN 1 for 4 yards (D.Bly).

Seriously Kansas City, get this guy some help.  You're paying Larry Johnson $45 million a year and your QB is banging helmets on the 1 yard line to tie the game?
- The Redskins really aren't even trying anymore are they?